Friday, 5 June 2009

Ray D'Arcy, President and Chief Executive Officer of Interactive Data Corporation

If he shaved his head he'd get loads of chicks, just like Patrick Stewart. Good old Jean-Luc will be boning raven-haired, 30-something French stage actresses until well into his 80s, so don't stop flirting with the cleaners just yet, Ray. What you're imagining happening could still happen.

You might want to take up yoga, though. Patrick Stewart doesn't wait until the lights are off before removing his shirt. Patrick Stewart takes his shirt off in the lounge before he's even finished his coffee.

Isn't there a rule about senior management not having buttons on their collars? There will be when EXECUTIVE MOUSTACHES starts scaling up during the next financial boom.


Stefanio Walterelli said...


New best ever Internet site.

I hope you focus on the self-Googling cuntish ones.


Alex said...

he looks like Monty Burns from The Simpsons

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