Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Lance Dore, VP Client Services, PGP Valuation

Lance "Death's Door" Dore retired from the pro wrestling circuit in 2003, following a severe shoulder injury he sustained in a barbed wire cell match against Robbie "The Bat" Bachelor during the Man o' Pain XXI show in Vancouver.

Lance ripped and partially detached his left deltoid muscle in the third minute leaping from the edge of the cell onto a table, only for the table to slip and throw Lance awkwardly onto a chair.

Lance bravely fought on with the damaged limb, but was disqualified after 13 minutes when his tag team partner Jerry "Resuscitator" Rawlings rushed the ring and hit "The Bat" across the shoulders from behind with a very big stick.

It was a huge stick. If it was a few millimetres thicker it could've been officially classified as a log. The audience was genuinely shocked. What a match.


AK said...

That suit is impeccable, though.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture!

Spencer Dore said...
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marko said...

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