Friday, 19 June 2009

Tim Morse, Chief Financial Officer, Yahoo!

Pure, concentrated, unadulterated AMERICAN.

Dunno what you Americans see when you look at Tim's wide jaw, over-combed hair and immensely confident yet slightly empty gaze, but all us Europeans see is flashes of millions of half-remembered snippets from awful TV movies set in colleges, all merged into one blurry memory of hunky men in athletic clothing.


The QUARTERBACK of the college football team walks down a corridor lined by grey metal lockers. He is sweating and carrying his helmet. A nervous CHEERLEADER clutching books to her chest steps out to speak to him

Hey, Lois!

Hey Tim! You got a date for the prom yet?

Yeah, pretty sure I'll be going with Jessica Hamilton. Why? Who you goin' with?

(sad) Oh, no one yet. Guess I'll just...

Yeah, great. See ya, Lois.

Bye, Tim. Hope the Microsoft deal goes ahead one day.



AK said...

I bet he has a massive kitchen.

Ash said...


Anonymous said...

Which Jessica Hamilton? Could she be the daughter of Jessica L. Hamilton that Andrew von Eschenbach, Senior Advisor with Greenleaf Health, took to prom in '68??

The CEO said...

At least SOMEONE is paying attention.

Davydd Grimm said...

Isn't that Tim Morse, drummer with Anal Cunt from 1988-1996, who rejoined last year for the 20th anniversary tour? Good blasting technique. I hear he's gay, though.

Carr said...

Not sure. I'll Google Anal Cunt and see what comes up.

hazelnut said...

Yes and be sure to post all photos that you find.

Anonymous said...

the white aura radiating from the suit really tangs

Scott said...

He just looks like George W. Bush's equally dumb relative to me.

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