Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Kent W. Moore, President and CEO, Family First Federal Credit Union

They got Kent to go outside. The photographer realised the eye of the viewer needs distracting. The eye of the viewer needs to find something - ANYTHING - to focus on other than Kent's is it/isn't it hairline.

The grey stones of the wall may have helped Kent's hair flap blend in, but, sadly, the ivy only serves to emphasise the peculiarly arranged top third of Kent's skull by mirroring his arrangement. You can't blame the photographer for not taking the ivy into account. There's only so much they can do to make businessmen look like normal people.

The problem for Kent is he's too old and podgy to "just shave it off". A man with a head that size can't go for the full shave. There's no way the human brain would assume Kent had shaved all his hair off because it interferes with his extreme sports lifestyle.


yoyo said...

If he shaved it off, he'd probably look like a deceptively jolly East End gangster. And he doesn't want to go around scaring all the lady executives that he could be having affairs with. Or maybe the ladies like to be scared? I wouldn't know, I'm not an expert.

EJ said...

Most of these highly paid executives seem to spend their money on pies.
Which is almost precisely what I would do. Good choice, "Kent".

hazelnut said...

"Glenn", are you suggesting that Kent isn't his real name?

Trilby said...

He looks like a stress ball being squeezed through the neck of a suit.

Scott said...

He's got the chin dimple, which could work to his advantage if it weren't for the combover/toupee/hair disaster and the XL cheeks. Honestly, I'd probably respect him more without the cover-ups even if it didn't transform him.

Anonymous said...

Um, we seem to have overlooked the teeth.

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