Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Bill Whitacre, Chief Executive Officer-elect, The J.R. Simplot Company

CEO-elect. Soon-to-be CEO. Hope you were nice to him while he was on the way up, as he'll soon have the power to make your life a MISERY. He will, for example, have final say on if you're allowed to take a week off work to go on those flights you impulsively booked over the weekend assuming it would probably be OK.

That tanned face will be noticeably paler this time next year as the responsibilities of his new role eat into his leisure time. Two years from now he'll be 30 pounds lighter from stress. Hope it's worth it, Bill.

The full-size image shows he's wearing a "man made" fibre suit. He won't be taken seriously until he uses some of that pay rise to get into something pure wool. There's also a bit of dandruff on the shoulders. The photographer should've noticed and either (a) calmly brushed it off without making a scene, or (b) reduced the file size of the image before sending it out.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Andy Pease, President, QuickLogic Corporation

Grey hair, grey background, grey skin - at least the DARK GREY suit adds a bit of variety to the shot. But if it wasn't for the red tie, the human eye wouldn't have enough non-grey data to pull out Andy's face.

The photographer is to blame here. You don't go to photograph senior management figures with only a grey background in tow. A blue sky could've saved the day here. Or a woodland scene. Perhaps he could've even been shot reclining in one of the nice chairs from the boardroom?

Or - and we're thinking outside the box, here - how about a casual shot relaxing with a coffee in the staff canteen? Andy could take his jacket off, loosen his tie, and be pictured talking to one of the low-level employees, showing that he cares.

QuickLogic Corporation's shares were 10.2% down at time of writing, as investors struggled to digest this disappointing image.

Monday, 16 February 2009

H. Lynn Harton, President and CEO, The South Financial Group

"You know, Lynn... there's no easy way of putting this... but you're SO DAMN UGLY we're going to have to convert your photo to black & white so as not to cause offence to the community."

"There's money in the HR budget for a gym membership. And, you know, if it was me... I'd just shave it all off. Combing it isn't going to help."