Thursday, 18 June 2009

Deborah Duffey, President, Dermazone Solutions

We got a woman one! Smashing her head repeatedly into, and eventually through the SEXY EXECS glass ceiling, and emerging shocked, bloodied and stunned in the middle of the canteen on the second floor, is Deborah.

The brittle hair and drawstring-tight facial features can only belong to a woman who works for a skin care company. Rats, Deborah. You're supposed to test everything on rats first. Don't just barge into the development lab and demand a go on all the new creams as soon as they've come out of the blender.

UPDATE 01/10/2009
Deborah Duffey and Dermazone Solutions filed a copyright claim, requiring us to remove the image of Deborah Duffey. However, the lovely photo was made PUBLICLY AVAILABLE alongside a press release earlier this year, so clearly we are allowed to reproduce it.

Here it is again.

It seems strangely rude commenting on the physical appearance of a female business person. It's as if we're trying to say she only got where she is today because all the important men wanted to have the most pleasing employee sit near them. Was it a coincidence she got her first major promotion to management level a mere two weeks after wearing that backless number to the 1987 staff Christmas party?

We're most definitely not suggesting anything like that.


Carr said...

Those poor men. Imagine how much nodding and agreeing they must have to do with those insane old battleaxes.

yoyo said...

Historical first Sexy Executives "would"! Probably, anyway.

Charles DallAcqua came close. I'm not gay but I must admit, that guy's got sex appeal.

Charlton said...

Juliette Lewis' mum?

Anonymous said...

This is awful, just awful! Deborah is a highly respected woman with great, great integrity. You have no idea WHO or WHAT you are talking about!!

GigerPunk said...

Anonymous comments carry no weight. If you believe it, put your name to it.

Such as - Bloody hell, that Carolyn Veroni needs to cut down on the airbrushing doesn't she? She makes Deborah Duffey look normal.

Well, normal-ish. The freckly 'decollatage' and complete lack of freckles (or any real features) on the face is a bit odd, along with a nose she seems to have stolen from a white Frank Bruno.
Still, I'm sure she has a lovely personality. Oh wait, no, probbaly not, she's just "highly respected with great, great integrity". Ahem.

GigerPunk said...

Oh god, there are videos too - It's like Joan Rivers starring in a live-action remake of terrahawks -
(Albeit an episode of Terrahawks where Zelda decides to try and take over the world through mind-controlling facecreams.)

Trilby said...

Are we talking about "integrity" in the sense of "hull integrity"? How many photon blasts can she take before disintegrating?

The CEO said...


GigerPunk said...

Oh my word, what on Earth's happened there?
Looks like our CEO, in spite of his brave words about the original picture being in the public domain, is scared of arguing copyright law and has uploaded a different picture? One where it appears Simon Weston has taken up cross-dressing?

The CEO said...

Sadly, you literally cannot argue with Google's automated DMCA processes. I change it, or it gets auto-deleted. The computers are winning the war.

GigerPunk said...

How about as soon as you upload a picture, you take a photo of it displayed on your screen?
Then, if someone screams copyright infringement (or offense at being told how weird looking they are to their face rather than muttered behind their backs) you can change the picture to the one you own the copyright to, one of a photo of your monitor (which just happens to be displaying their picture)?
How 'bout that? Thinking outside of the box enough?
Other alternative, keep all the text referring to their name and company but replace pic with that of a dogs anus.
I'm guessing you're already going for a variant of the latter?

Anonymous said...

take me NOWWWWWW

Krieger said...

OMG, she is definitely in the ZONE.

DermaZone ....

Not sure about the solution though.

Viagra Online said...

Well, what can I say? I think she's awful! I've never seen someone like her before, I think her face is a risible joke, she looks like an animal or something worse, maybe she can compete in Cirque du Soleil! She can earn some money there!

Anonymous said...

FYI the image is NOT Deborah Duffey of Dermazone.

The sponsors of this blogsite are diseased, open blistered, feces eating, flea carrying sewer rats.

And I mean that in the nicest way.

Justin said...

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