Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Russ Smith, General Manager, John Q. Hammons

It took literally minutes of research to work out if this is a photo of Russ Smith, the General Manager of John Q. Simmons, or if it is in fact a photo of John Q. Simmons, the General Manager of Russ Smith.

It's a similar sort of problem to that which Beijing hotel staff have when greeting George Michael and having to work out if they call him Mr George or Mr Michael, as he checks in to begin the controversial Asian leg* of his comeback world tour. It's a similar sort of problem to the one that has you being called "Mr Gary" by call centre staff for an entire 20 minute conversation about direct debits.

That man is Russ Smith. John Q. Simmons was something to do with hotels in the 1950s. If we were General Manager of Russ Smith we'd tell him to buy a more modern tie. Oh, and Russ? Congratulations on the award!

*The compromise was less simulated oral sex by the dancers and flesh-coloured leggings underneath their hotpants.


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