Monday, 8 February 2010

READER SUBMISSION: Karen Driscoll, Vice President of Marketing Services, Sesame Workshop

WOMAN ONE! This one's standing in front of a green screen. That makes Photoshopping her into a variety of compromising locations extremely easy. We could put her in front of a rival company's logo, or stick her in the frozen food aisle of ASDA, for example, or have her standing in a cheap lapdancing club.

But we won't. That would be rude.

"For reasons I genuinely have no understanding of. I'm somehow on the corporate mailing list for Sesame Street. Little do they realise that the only use I have for mugshots is forwarding them to Sexy Execs. I have yet to work out which constellation the moles on her neck form. Maybe she was just attacked by a very careless vampire?" - Stuart A.


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Anonymous said...

Obviously a farmer's daughter. After all, she brushes her hair with a rake. I'll bet she cross-posts on

Anonymous said...


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