Friday, 12 February 2010


Long-time cross-network thing-of-note submitter "Phorenzik" recently sent us a link to a blog called EXECUTIVE BUSINESS PORTRAITS - the home of a man who makes a living taking genuine executive photographs.

Like, he does it seriously. All day long. Every day, economy permitting.

The blogger talks us through how his shots are taken, even going so far as to supply variant test shots of the photos that were eventually used, also giving us thrilling "Making Of..." commentary on the photography process. Such as:
"Today I had an executive portrait session in Denville, NJ. Jackson needed a few different looks for his marketing pieces. So we did some traditional and more casual style portraits without a tie. I think we accomplished what we were trying to do."

If you have an ironic or even non-ironic interest in men standing awkwardly in front of a wide variety of cloudy backgrounds, be sure to check out EXECUTIVE BUSINESS PORTRAITS.

There are photos like this on it.

And photos like this.

And like this.


Anonymous said...

Sexy Executive HEAVEN!

Anonymous said...

Best post EVER! (Not including the Teclast posts. Obviously)

A. Footman.

Ellie said...

Well, there goes my libido.

yoyo said...

That guy has the amazing ability to bring out genuine smiles in his executives. I might pretend to be an executive and try to hire him.

I bet he could get me to smile in a photograph without making me look like an evil game show host. I wonder if he supplies the cool lab coats or will I have to provide my own?

Mr Moth said...

I recently took some photos for our office telephone list. They were good - a huge improvement on the previous ones which made everyone look depressed and cold - but man, if only I had seen this beforehand! Those shots would've *flown*.

GigerPunk said...

Nice find, Phorenzik, but to be honest, I don't think he bothers trying to get them to smile, as he states the following on his site:
"All my images are retouched to your specification", so I think that's why most of them have odd looking eyes and smiles like the joker. That b+w one should be on

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