Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Alan R. Hodnik, CEO, ALLETE

It looks like Alan spends too much time sleeping on his right-hand side. His right ear has been squashed flat. Alan, you need to get your wife to roll you over every few hours. You're too young a man to suffer the shame of asymmetrical ears.

The photographer is at fault here. In attempting to capture the full glory of the moustache, the (presumably amateur) snapper has inadvertently drawn attention to Alan's ears. If he'd told Alan to rotate a few degrees, the ear asymmetry could've been hidden from view.

It's always worth sacrificing moustache clarity for ear symmetry, everyone knows that. There's even a rhyme that helps photographers remember this fact:
If the ears are out of line,
Don't assume it will be fine!

Tell the man to turn his head,
Or your shoot will sure be dead.


Graham Mumford said...

Those canines definitely say 'drinks the blood of virgins before a major board meeting' to me.

While the tie and texture of the shirt is good there is no excuse for that sloppy collar.

Think the photographer should be next.

yoyo said...

Oh no, another overly photo shopped one. He doesn't even look like a real person to me.

IronRange24 said...

Alan Hodnik does not "drink the blood of virgins." Don't make ignorant comments about a great man that you've never met.

The CEO said...

"Alan Hodnik does not "drink the blood of virgins." Don't make ignorant comments about a great man that you've never met."

Thanks for putting that straight, IronRange. I think Graham got Alan confused with notorious Belgian serial killer Colin Hodnik.

Anonymous said...

Blood of the Virgins??...maybe a cold Schmidt at Hank's Bar perhaps

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