Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Nicholas DeBenedictis, Chairman and CEO, Aqua America, Inc

Lovely deluxe leather upholstery. Sun-dried, hand-stitched, each remaining strand of hair individually combed from left-to-right for the ultimate in executive partings.

Don't just get an executive, get a DeBenedictis.

One point - if your company's already got "America" in its name, there's no need to also wear an American flag pin badge. We get that you like your country. We like parts of it too, mainly the part that licenses out the Oreos brand for production overseas.


GigerPunk said...

Wow. He's just...Golden.
Like a gilt Ernest Borgnine. Amazing that he can coordinate that tie with his skin. Lesser humans could never manage that.

On your point about Oreos, however; Sorry, but they're just horrible and every time their adverts come on tv trying to tell kids how to eat them I just hope against hope that British kids don't fall for it and that, even if they try them once, they'll quickly realise they're horrible and not a patch on good old Chocolate Digestives...

The CEO said...

I must've been suckered in by the transatlantic marketing hype then, as I still get excited when I see a manufactured-under-license-in-Spain European-spec Oreo in a UK supermarket.

Although my Desert Island Biscuit would have to be the mythical 'Gypsy Cream'.

Hoopy said...

Just the thought of dunking Oreos in milk, like those kids in the advert, makes me gag.

Jammy Dodgers are king of the biscuit world, but even they should only ever be dunked in tea.

VP of Sitting Around on the Internet said...

Jammy Dodgers? Are you six years old? Everyone knows you can't beat a BOURBON. Even cheap BOURBON clones made by the supermarkets are fantastic biccies.

Anonymous said...

I was about to add my favourite to the mix but then stopped myself...Why do people find the subject of biscuits so fascinating?!? Anyone have a favourite pasta shape the want to discuss?

WV: undynal - dry bumming

GigerPunk said...

Chocolate/Caramel digestives with a coffee
Either Chocolate hobnobs or Malted Milks with a glass of milk
(Plain or milk) Chocolate digestives with tea

Regarding pasta, has to be spaghetti all the way. Does that count as a shape?

WV: dederbel=make up your own jokes about babybels.

Anonymous said...

Good 'ole Nicky boy. He took a community water company with no intentions to ever go public (I have direct quotes from officers of the water company in 1989. What has happened in 20 years at Aqua America is the feeding off of the very employees who helped build the company. Investors replaced loyal employees at Aqua America (formaly "Philadelphia Suburban Water Co.). There is going to be a total collapse of Aqua America in my view within 2 years, say by 2012.

Grill said...

Good lord, genuine insider insight. Quick everyone, sell Aqua America short!

yoyo said...

I like Oreos but there's no way of eating them with any dignity whatsoever. You always get brown stuff all around your mouth and stuck in your teeth (I assume said brown stuff is meant to be chocolate flavour?)

Anyway, my favourite biscuit is the humble Nice biscuit. I don't know why these are snubbed by the biscuit snobs, because I think they're lovely.

Custard Cream said...

I wish I could touch his tie. I'm having difficulty working out the texture. Wouldn't be surprised if it was a bit rubbery, like a bath mat.

WV Bellyth. Plural of stomach if you have a lisp.

The Pope(tm) said...

In nomine patris, et filii, et debenedictis sancti, amen.

Trilby said...

It's not a badge, it's a 30-foot flagpole that got snagged in his buttonhole during his powerwalk into work.

PC London said...

That is the most American looking man I've ever seen. Possibly the most American looking man in the whole world.

Anonymous said...

What, more than Chuck Norris?

Anonymous said...

Oreos - bleurg. A system for the delivery of grease.

Shortbread fingers said...

Recently I ordered a strawberry shake in a very reputable UK burger bar. The waitress returned a couple of minutes later saying they were out, but that I should try their oreo milkshake instead. When I enquired if it was in any way connected with the food of the devil, totally grotesque biscuits, she appeared a little disappointed. This is a frightening biscuit development that should be nipped in the bud now. In the end they brought me a beer...

Anonymous said...

If you do work for this guy, get paid up front...believe me, I know.

Viagra Online said...

Well I don't know the guy, so how I will judge him... I have work with some CEO and they sucks, actually the one with I'm working now it's a ass, but what can I do ? look for another way, but, sometimes companies just fall and all the fault it's for CEO guy but we will never understand the reasons.

Anonymous said...

I got a 3 day shut off notice on a bill that wan't 30 days late. Sexy isn't the word I'd use for the man. I've owned my home for 16 years and I've been paying the monopoly water company too much to deliver me tainted water (see their notices of the same) so this fat man can pay himself 4+ million dollars a year. And everyone I know who knows him says he is the cheapest guy you'll ever meet. Sexy? No I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

just plain gross- did he file his teeth?

Anonymous said...

Won't pass are health care, shifty pay with sight of a raise. ...The nick

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