Friday, 19 February 2010

Ronald G. Rauch, Chair, Bellevue Downtown Association

Here's Ron, pictured standing on the boiling surface of Venus, in front of its fractured clouds of nitrogen and sulphuric acid. His hair's like that because he's been wearing a pressurised helmet all day. It's much thicker-looking in our atmosphere.

Tie's a bit limp there, Ron. You've done it up too tight, probably because you were stressed about the shoot today. It's understandable, it's the photographer who's at fault over it as usual.

These men aren't MACHINES - they need to be told when their ties are done up a bit wrong, just like everyone else. You won't be in trouble for mentioning it, Mr Photographer - he'll actually be grateful.


Graham Mumford said...

Ron does look a bit worried. That could be because the photographpher made him take his helmet off when he's standing on the surface of Venus..

That probably explains the limp tie too

PC London said...

He's only 29, but the inclement atmosphere has had an adverse effect on his DNA.

yoyo said...

I think he looks like a middle-aged Philip J Fry made flesh.

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