Thursday, 20 August 2009

Rod Hochman, MD & CEO, Swedish Medical Center

Another lovely photo to print out and tell everyone it's your real dad.

That man sitting on the sofa watching Sky Sports 2 isn't my real dad. My real dad is Ron Hochman, MD & CEO, Swedish Medical Center. My real dad owns a suit. Look, I have a photo of him in my wallet. He must be my dad if there's a photo of him in my wallet.

No one would carry around a printout of a photo of a man they got off the internet, would they? That would be odd.


Sponge Finge said...

*surreptitiously bins photos of men got off internet*

Carr said...

No father of mine wears a button-down collar.

Anonymous said...

Hochman is not even a recognizable sex, so sexy doesn't even enter the the conversation. This is a creature who lines his own pockets at the expense of sick people and employees. He has created a hospital that is all about marble floors and pillows for the patients that still say Providence Hospital. Hospital operators are trained not to put call through to him. He has created an atmosphere of disdain for those people who are ill who he has chosen not to serve. And this is supposed to be a not for profit health care system? Swedish Board, come to your senses and get back to the original mission of Swedish.

marko said...

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