Friday, 14 August 2009

Chuck Sullivan, Senior Vice President Global Online Services, Hilton Hotels Corp.

We'll let this one speak for itself.

The Mona Lisa doesn't need a cynical paragraph of text above and below it to keep the viewers engaged, does it?


Stu said...

His vacant eyes are following me around. The more you move out of the way, the more he GLARES!

It's like he knows what I've done and he's going to tell the victim's relatives unless I agree to his sick demands.


Enn said...

Someone cut off his head and did a bad job putting it back on. His neckline clearly shows it's shifted left a bit.

He's look quite cheery for an undead.

Enn said...


jeda21 said...

Just like what actor Mathew Lillard ( would look like if he had an office job.

Krieger said...

Cute dimple - that's how he got the job.

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