Thursday, 27 August 2009

Hudson, Gavin & Martin are Ready, Willing & Able

WARNING! Arty photoshoot alert!

These superbly moody shots were sent in by reader "Tom" who spotted them on the web site of HGM Legal. This one is Simon Martin.

This one's Mark Gavin. Mark is our favourite at the moment due to his Hitler hair and the way he didn't cave into the photographer's demands to smile more. That shows a steely nerve. But things might change. We're still digesting these images. Tomorrow, Simon might emerge as the favourite.

This is Wayne Hudson. We would not mess with Wayne. If Wayne emails in asking us to remove this update we will comply. Unlike when Deborah Duffy and James Kase got their people to complain.


Sponge Finge said...

I think I've just had a gay orgasm. What are the symptoms?

Anonymous said...

Can you post their complaint emails?

Or are they really boring and businessey?

GigerPunk said...

Both Wayne and Mark look like they kill people, Wayne's an enforcer who kills for money and when it's 'necessary', Mark's in it for the sexual thrills in a leather apron. Their eyes give it away.
Simon's eyes are the most disturbing because they appear normal but on closer inspection they're worse than the others and the 'smile' slowly becomes more of a sneer.

He's a chameleon and the most dangerous of them all - probably the one who pulls the strings. He'll never be caught as any evidence found on any bodies would point to either Wayne or Mark, regardless of them *never* leaving any evidence.

I'd wager Mark would be the easiest for Simon to (get Wayne to) frame - they've probably got some of his dna to plant somewhere when they need to take the heat off themselves. They got it after a kill once when he let his guard down due to his usual post-kill rush of giddiness and hadn't realised they were still around. He thinks they don't know how he deals with the bodies afterwards. Clumsiness and naivety he'll no doubt regret at a later date but by which time it will be too late.

Simon probably has contingency plans in place for when Mark and Wayne realise they're not his equal, just expendable puppets. Wonder if Wayne or Mark have ever looked into what companies Simon's worked at before and what happened to the other execs on Simon's level before he left?

yoyo said...

Mark looks like the kind of guy who'll be eating his German boyfriend tonight. That's all he's thinking about in the picture. He's thinking how he'll probably start with a bit of arse meat in onion gravy, served with a some buttery mash, then move onto some brain as a delicacy to finish off.

Enn said...

Giger: Nice

The CEO said...

James Kase's people pretended they were going to take legal advice, while Deborah's people said they saw the funny side in context but would like it removed all the same.

There will be no capitulation here. You hear me, business leaders?

Unknown said...

Wayne: "Is it safe?"

Simon (tied to a chair: "What the hell do you mean? I'm just a runner."

Wayne: "Is it safe?"

The vial of Oil of Cloves sits waiting nearby....

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