Thursday, 16 July 2009

DOUBLE TEAM! Carl Roehling, President & CEO, SmithGroup, and Robert L. Shaw, President, F&S Partners

Ahh, they're leaning into each other. The cheerful body language matches the positive cost-saving synergies soon to be realised by their businesses working more closely together in the creative ideaspace.

Busy bar scene. Two men in suits are swaying from drunkenness on bar stools.

Honestly, Rob, I tell you, right. We're gonna... we're gonna...

Crush their asses!

Yeah, man. Like, liquidise their asses!

Liquidise their assets!

And that!

Oh, man. Awesome. Can I have another go on the poppers?


EJ said...

I'm painting radiators today. I don't like it, but they are not as bad as window frames.

WV: priphien - someone who lives on the outskirts of Paris

Enn said...

The left could pass for an heroic captain on some scifi show, whereas the right one would have trouble qualifying for the obligatory comedic, goofy sidekick of the enemy captain. You know, the borderline retarded type that doesn't even get to turn good in the end and hook up with the ugly smart girl from the heroes' team.

sperical123 said...

William Roehing say:
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The CEO said...

I'm going to go into Meeting Room #5 for a brief cry. Hold my calls, Rebecca.

jeffrey roehling said...

Lol! How was meeting room #5? I too googled my fathers name and was surprised to see my brother williams blog. Outstanding resume sir! You've done this name proud! The chrystler world headquarters and a triathlete cool!

marko said...

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