Tuesday, 28 July 2009

BRITISH EXECUTIVE: Peter Leach, managing director, JF Print

You didn't expect much of a man called "Peter Leach" did you? Here he is, sporting the classic goatee 'n' glasses look favoured by podgy businessmen from the retail parks of Reading all the way up to Scotland's industrial South.

It that really the whitest bit of wall they could find?


Enn said...

I think there was a mixup, this is obviously the IT guy dressed up for the gala party.

The suits and glasses are his dads'. Who is the managing director of another company.

Also, what do managing directors say they do when asked? Do they manage or direct? They can't answer both, as someone'll ask them what the difference is and they won't be able to hide their function is a sham.

Anonymous said...

Do believe he's back at Polestar in Exeter. Screwing it up like he did before no doubt. Hearing everyone loves him !!!....lol

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