Friday, 12 March 2010

Maria Ruppert-Pappas, Vice President and Business Development Officer, Wedbush Bank

Is it warmer than usual in here today, or is it just Maria Ruppert-Pappas with her suit-melting eye-lasers?

That blouse doesn't even have any buttons.


GigerPunk said...

I think this is possibly the first time a lack of tie and unbuttoned shirt and has actually gained an executive points?

Anonymous said...


Action Vest said...

Shouldn't that be "Wet Bush Bank"?

GigerPunk said...

Can't wait for the usual slew of outraged comments from friends for this update -
"You're being disgusting! You're being far too complimentary! She's really ugly and a horrible person to work for! You shouldn't make comments like this when you don't know people!"

HZVerde said...

WOULD. I said it in capitals so I get to go first.

A Creepy Man Who Works With Her And Googles Her Name Most Evenings said...

How dare you! You losers! Haven't you got anything better to do than imagine yourselves pushing her slowly yet gently back against the warm, soft leather of her reclining leather chair, then pulling her ETC ETC ETC

GigerPunk said...

"pulling her ETC ETC ETC"
You filthy bugger, there're laws against that sort of thing

The Nostril Picker, Esq. said...

"...pulling her juicy boogers out of her nose, one by one, using the tools of his choice."

yoyo said...

Is there even any point in adding my voice to the chorus?


If I worked for her I'd be worried about getting a stiff on when she was telling me off for incompetence. Probably not the appropriate response to a bollocking.

Graham Mumford said...

Because she's worth it..

Trilby said...

If she unbuttoned that shirt any further you'd be able to see her Ruppert-Pappas.

johnboy said...

Is it just me or is that better than full-on porn??!! So many office-based scenarios are wandering through my head right now...

AK said...

Definitely would.

Anonymous said...


Trilby said...



Anonymous said...

Funny that, because it ruins an otherwise perfectly good head shot.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank You:)

Justin said...

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Anonymous said...

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