Tuesday, 9 March 2010

John Kenner, President, North America, Schindler Elevator Corporation

Tom Cruise in the big-screen adaptation of the Northern Rock banking crisis. Lost out in the OSCARS to Brad Pitt's dramatisation of the RBS rights issue.

Is there a name for the quiff created by uplifting the fringe in such a fashion?


Graham Mumford said...

It's Angel, from Buffy - but I didn't think vampires were supposed to age?

I also have grave misgivings about those eyelashes...

Sponge Finge said...

Ah, the man behind Schindler's Lifts.

GigerPunk said...

There's something a bit Tony Hadley about him. Possibly with a touch of Peter Purves too.
Nice shirt, looks clean, crisp and a good quality fabric but shame about the tie. Why is it always the tie that lets them down? If it's not a button-down collar it's the tie...

Graham Mumford said...

I rather liked the tie, just not with that nice white shirt. Would look good turned into a cravat a la Patrick Cargill

GigerPunk said...

It wasn't so much the pattern I was failing it for (although it's not to my taste, far too '90s) more that the knot is so poor that it looks like it's been pea-nutted.

Dick Gittings. said...

He isn't lifting up the fringe, for some people it just grows like that. People like . . . me *runs off crying*

And why has no one pointed out it says Gittings under the photo? Gittings would be worth an update by itself on other parts of the Cutlack triptych.

Trilby said...

"Is there a name for the quiff created by uplifting the fringe in such a fashion?"

Schindler's Lift?

(Joke partially ruined by Mr. Finge but I went there anyway)

Anonymous said...

Tie looks good in combination with the hair. Shadows around the eyes makes it look like he's wearing makeup. Well, bye!

Anonymous said...

picture tells a 1000 words , can't the boy smile?- what is with these suits with no teeth?-is he trying to show just how serious a bad boy he is? - like watch out or I'll fire you- he's the type guy that whispers around telling people they are lucky to have a job - word on the street is that this guy can't spell, and is a classic self-serving womp - Daddy bought his college type, and he's been desperate for years to be an exec - watch out / dagger in back .
John Kenner, now Schindler Elevator man, previous Centrilift out of Claremore Oklahoma? Cowboy hillbilly turned Manhattan magnate? Green Acres in reverse. Giddings did their best to spruce the goose.

Krowe said...

So nice how the grey is highlighted. Such a pretty face, could use some more makeup about the cheekline and a bit less eyeshadow especially about the outer corner.

Gittings did a good job making up a rather dull face.

Regarding teeth, many times the photographer and consultant counsel to keep the mouth closed when teeth are not cosmetically attractive.

Anonymous said...

Kenner is not from sucklahoma. NY vs. ok - I think he made the right decision.... Mobilhoma isn't exactly Green Acres either!

Caryle Myers said...

The makeup artist really dressed up his eyelashes. I've never seen a man allow his eyelashes to be made up like those bottom eyelashes, especially right side camera view. Thick mascara.

The corner eye shadow is a bit thick and a larger portraint really shows it. If he uses this makeup photo for smaller photo shots, it's OK. But my of my, he likes his makeup.

The photo to me smacks of vanity and selfishness.
A selfish person is OK as long as people are aware, and the photo when you really examine it shows me those characteristics. Ego.

The makeup artists sense these things and can pronunce them, as the photo never really lies.

This photo also shows in my opinion that the man probably embellishes quite a bit.

I agree with the postings about the teeth.

johnnytruant said...

Is this the update where we leave the Tom Cruise sexuality questioning comments?

Caryle Myers said...

Caryle Myers said... johnnytruant, so you're looking for comments like about Tom Cruise sexuality and this guys photo. OK, not too challenging for met at least to comment.

Tom Cruise is straight - not a hair of gayness in Tom, and isn't that daughter that he sired a cutie doll. have you seen US magazine editiion with those gorgeous paparazi fotos?

Anyway, Tom is straight.

First off, I don't think it's a big deal whether people are straight or gay. It shows a lot of maturity and strength to come out.

So one big difference is that Cruise is not gay.
I don't know if Kenner is bisexual - the question for a man in his 40's that looks like that and loves his eyeliner like shown on that bottom right sexy brow in the photo is whether is has sired any children with his wife.

Rock Hudson was a hunk who was gay - of course married too.

In some business areas or industries, once they find out your gay and you haven't been able to come out, the guys who just aren't strong enough lots of times leave the industry they are in - completely get away. That's a shame that people will go to that extreme to escape personal humiliation. Once again, that's another reason why people like Barney Frank is commended when he came out in the early 80's. He's gay, so what?

Whoopi Goldberg talks openly about being bi-sexual in public and on TV. So maybe this executive has come out too, I don't know.


Besides, I like a man with nice eyelashes who uses makeup to look.

Sometimes, I am amazed when I see guys in drag who are simply beautiful. Guys do well in makeup.
Too bad it seems to be gay guys who've come out, and bi's who do it.

Well those are my comments on sexuality from looking at the photo.

Trilby said...

What... what just happened?

Caryle Myers said...

OK then Trilby, a note to GigerPunk about the peanut necktie comment, ------ to me, it's totally unreal with the amount of money spent on a foto spread like these, that Gittings did not show him HOW TO TIE A DOUBLE WINDSOR.

My Lord.

Caryle Myers said...

And here is the way to tie a Double Windsor my beginner dears:


They should at least teach this at exec school and test the students before the graduation ceremony.

johnnytruant said...

It wasn't me that wanted the comments about Tom Cruise's sexuality, it was the CEO. This just felt like a good place to put them as John Kenner looks a bit like our Tom. Anyway I haven't yet decided which type of sexuality to accuse Tom of: homo-, bi-, a-, hetero-, gerbil-, necro-, cereal-, etc, so you're leaping to a conclusion of your own already by assuming homosexuality.
I think the CEO's idea of comments questioning Tom's sexuality was in fact a joke to try to draw out some of the loonier elements of the internet. Job done.

johnnytruant said...

but anyway Caryle, I agree with your comments about eyeliner - it's great, more men, straight, bit and homo, should wear it.

Anonymous said...


Not just this John Kenner bloke. Now the news is that Tom Cruise is gay, as well.

All believable. Interesting read about the scientology groupies too.

Will have to find some public profiles on the Schindler's Lift character. Now let's see - ... google, yahoo bing what other seach venues will help discover?

Anonymous said...

hmmm, that didn't take long.
Google is hot stuff.



just found 2 personal public profiles - kinda stuck on himself from the read .... likes his foto as well. Marco Polo comments kinda awful mustn'
t like kids, wouldn't you say? Gather he has none of his own ....

Anonymous said...


Not sure how to post National Enquirer front page about Tom Cruise and Katie discovering. Link to photo above.


Krieger said...


Marco - Polo
Marco - Polo
Marco - Polo
Marco - Polo
Marco - Polo

Jeff Pittman said...

4th floor at hotel in florida. elevator broken for second day. It's a Schindler elevator, and hotel says there are no parts in stock - maybe tomorrow they will have parts.

Schindler sucks, and John Kenner should be taking the stairs like the rest of us and see what it'ss like.

Next time, I'll make sure it's an Otis. If it's a Schindler, I'm changing hotels.

Jeff Pittman said...

OK, they got the elevator fixed last night.

Another subject.

When you call the Schindler Morristown NJ office, you get the news.

I guess if you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Schindler just canned him after only 6 months, after a 2 year Executive search!! Nice work Schindler management!!

Jeff Pittman said...

Sounds like John Kenner was fired. When I called the Morristown office, they said he was "no longer employed with Schindler.

Deserved it. Horrible service and spare parts here in Florida. When I called the main office to try & get support, no returned calls.

At our hotel, everyone had to climb the stairs.

My perspective as a "customer", John Kenner and management obviously performed poorly.

If he didn't want to return my calls, at least he could have had someone else call back.

Smacks of arrogance. What? Was I too much of a low life for him to try and help get spare parts to our hotel?

We were ticked off, and the hotel chain kept us informed as to status. I don't blame the hotel as much.

Like I posted above, next time Otis.

Anonymous said...

You sound like an old lady, get a life.

Jeff Pittman said...

Not very nice. Regardless, elevator is now fixed, so it was taken care of.

Look, the way I understand it, John is serving notice period, and has been given no assignments. You'd think he could at least return calls about operations issues.

Kudos to Mr Z├╝ger, who is well respected in the industry and could obviously identify an empty selfish suit and didn't cave in when John begged him to reconsider to save his ego job title and salary.

But when a person is selfish the only thing on the mind is trying to work out an amicable (albeit one sided )separation - in other words greedy $$$. And leave operations and basic things like spare parts for the lifeblood of the company to go to heck.


This is my last post, - cheers.

The CEO said...

Can I get a "Previously on Lost" style update of what exactly is going on in here?

Anonymous said...

Zuger is an empty suit as is most of the Schindler US management committee. They flushed a ton of cash down the toilet the last few years paying Korn Ferry big bucks for the executive search, only to can Kenner after 6 months and now have to pay him a hefty severance package. Nice work Schindler management!!

Johah Blechman said...

Stealthfully packs essential items in his executive briefcase to help stay on top of his game for another busy day at the office.

1. Mascara
2. Eye liner
3. Cosmetic pencils
4. Blush & brush
5. 'Between meetings' reading material.

Johah Blechman said...

Another challenging day at the office. So much on the meeting schedule for me, for I am the 'always so busy' executive.

There’s -Strategic Planning at 9:00 am, - Market positioning at 9:30 am, - Competitive Analysis at 10:20am. And Product Development at 11:00 am. My leadership and input is important to company success.

Must review weekly headcount reduction prospects (HRP) at 1:00 pm, got to squeeze every last drop of juice from that orange.

Afterwards, I’ll have one of my VP’s make my nightly restaurant reservations just for me and the wife. Other than my title and status, she’s everything to me (no time or desire to have kids when your destiny is corporate prince). Good thing I learned a real pearl of wisdom- get hitched to a corporate HR go getter, - so as to keep me connected. Pay her own way too. :) More time for Barry. :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting item. Best just to come out in the open.

Barry said...

Here's a what's going on reply.
It has to do with his so called "sexy" foto.
And a recently jilted long time (even pre-Mary) beau while 'KING HE' goes on the move NE. And now has a new handsome NE gentlemen with $$$, that's what it's about.
Old long time beau Barry photo senior yr - during Corps days, 'Johnny and Barry' and many years in Texas together after/ Mary in denial, rebuffed beau, out and in the closet, and a new moneyed gentlemen suitor.

Barry said...

BUT, I say this prayer to get past it all.
Even though seeing 'KING HE's' foto brings it back, it actually makes me stronger to see it and know what he is really about, instead of just the self- infatuated foto that we know he is.

Learn to let go and move forward in absolute freedom, and once you have let go never look backward, but ever forward. Once you have set the ball rolling and have accepted a completely new life, have no regrets but accept it all with real joy and thanksgiving. Regrets can hold you back and can prevent the most wonderful things taking place in your lives. Keep open so that anything can happen. Never be afraid of change, of the New.

Selfish said...

A perfect ten !


Also, another perfect description and fit !

Barry said...

OMG !!! after last sacking, had to be a prez again and doing a garage startup. all ego, geeeez. No more Barry.

Bird Cage said...

Wouldn't he cast well in the movie "The Bird Cage" as a butler or as a previous lover of Albert ? ! ?

Lots of similarities.

Anonymous said...

Yes Yes Yes! In the movie, Hank Azaria played the role perfectly as Agador. With those sexy eyebrows, Kenner is the type that would not even have to act! He seems to be a marvelous looking queen already. I'd like to get to know him better myself. Makes me shake with goosepimples all over. I wonder how he dresses at home, and would simply love to see him made up. Baby , I could use a hunky queen relationship.

Anonymous said...

See! Compare eyelashes and eyebrows with Queen of Queens, NY. Look at those eyebrows!. Johnny already has brows and lashes. So pretty. You go honey. Get out of the closet, and show us the way. Get hot, or get out!

Anonymous said...

This mugshot not my cup of tea. He seems to have sneary look in his eyes. Thumbs down - I don't like the picture.

John Kenner said...

My eyes adore you and your peanutted tie.
Eyelashes adorned and enhanced. Sissy me. I hope sissy you too.

John Kenner said...

First off, theres nothing wrong with wearing cosmetic mascara and grey highlighting. Camera shots are supposed to be complementary, and appealing.

Secondly, the tie not and way done would be not have been something noticed if it wans't said here.

Regarding Barry, that has been open for along time and case closed. Get a LIFE.

Clark said...

I posted something similar on Pieter Nota's page.

This guy Kenner looks like he is some manager of some small family run funeral home. Mr Mortician with too much make-up on - ha ha. What a joke.

Dark and gloomy.

Same as my post for Pieter -

"I mean really. Where do these guys with their pompous "exec" photos get off. This one looks like Hollywood or something, like he thinks he is cool big money, Mr. Capitalist Manager of the World or something.

This is a great parady website. It brings these elitist attempt exec photos to true light of what they really are - slick marketing of elitists who think they are princes or something.

Ha ha ha. "

Message said...

This sexy execs website is excellent literary parody.

These exec photos try to portray something which often it is not. It is their attempt like a male peacock to show off and position themselves as something special, when in fact they are not.

It would be no wonder that these executive peacocks would try to hire an attorney to prevent the parody and various opinions of what the reader believes is actually the truth. After all, the photos are merely a mask and "how dare anybody try to remove my peacock feathers to expose the truth by way of parody".

Keep up the good work, and don;t let these guys try to intimidate you.

thanks for letting us share our opinions.

Message said...

Looks like he used the same photo for two companies he was with.

John Kenner Baker Hughes
and also
John Kenner, Schlinder Escalator and Elevator Company

He must be real proud of the photo although it shows that he is no longer with either company and was a short timer at the Schindler Escaltor and let go after just months.

prom dress said...

This corporate photography blog reminds me of my father who also love wearing suits and tuxedos. Thank you for creating this post.

Anonymous said...

Boring white shirt and collar. Boring solid brown coat. No smile. Smug. Too much makeup. Poorly knotted tie -quite the amateur wanabe executive.

An example of spending probably too much money on a photo shoot with a dull subject.

Anonymous said...

You can say that again. What makes anybody consider him to be anything related to Tom Cruise?
More like Tom Snooze.

Yawn - boring agreed. Not even his gay eye makeup enlightened this photo.

Drab Mr.Grey Boring Death.

Anonymous said...

"Regarding teeth, many times the photographer and consultant counsel to keep the mouth closed when teeth are not cosmetically attractive."

Another reason is bad breath.

Anonymous said...

who takes the time to create this stuff to post it?

Jessie said...

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Anonymous said...

Dude, these types of guys don't get married again-duh.
Just once 4 da show. Get da pic-cha?

Thumbs Ell said...

used Photoshop to try and wipe the L on his forhead. Strokes thus embellished the quiff.

Wiener MO Lookalike said...

Guess who this reminds me of?


tan suits said...

Any suit and tuxedo will be great for this gentleman. He looks awesome. The photographer also did his job very well. Great!

Kenner Narcissist said...

good reading on how to spot a narcissist.


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Kenner Defined said...

Ha ha, I just ran across this blog John Kenner. Posts pretty much got it right.

Dweeb, mostly self affected. Just look at the picture. Me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me.

Kenner defined said...

It is the same John Kenner Summit ESP.

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Anonymous said...

Boring photo - quiff or no quiff.

Selfish, the guy supposedly "quit' his job at Baker Hughes and left the oil and gas industry to work for a building elevator company in New Jersey during one of the biggest booms in the oil and gas industry. What does that tell you?

He was fired after just a few months on the job for the elevator company Schlinder. Just ask him. No assignments were ever given to him. He tries to claim he worked there for a longer time than a few months. It's because he was given a severance pay and so he tries to show he was president for about a year.

He did the same thing at Baker Hughes. His title was president of a "product line" only and not the organization. The guy embellishes big time. Self infatuated.

So he couldn't find another president job. I guess he combed in quiff real nice and got some old money to invest in a start up so he could be a president again. Now that's a sexy executive!

Caution - especially fond of virile military type red heads.

Muhammad Ashar said...

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Anonymous said...

Pretty John Kenner Summit esp tulsa ok.

Sweet & pretty like sugar and spice.

My secret friend, my cinnamon girl.

Back door lover.

Where the money goes.

Mary never knows.

Anonymous said...

John Kenner now with Summit ESP. A startup inspired by pure selfish ego. Profit by hopeful flip to some larger company stupid enough to fall for the charade.

John Kenner Gay Pride said...

Photo spread. Warm and inviting eyes. Nice mascara you got there John Kenner, Gay Pride.


Summit ESP Tulsa said...


How does famous esp executive Mr John Kenner react to public gay sentimitality? Or is it only private?

Anonymous said...

National Coming Out Day!
Get out of the closet! Even if you're working in the oil business. Come out of that dusty old closet!


code bouygues said...

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Anonymous said...

even Auntie in Illinois knew the truth behind the mascara. Worry not.

Anonymous said...

and oh, the peanut tie is oh such an embarrassment for such a hulk exec like Johnny boy.


pets&animals said...

really like it very much Highly descriptive post, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2?

pets&animals said...

i really like iot very much Highly descriptive post, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2?

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's starting to catch up to John Kenner by the sounds of it.
In his quest to climb his glory ladder, he has shafted so many people. His buddies are just like him. Texas aggy femmies.

Anonymous said...

Hey John Kenner was the worlds shortest time escalator executive ever in the industry. Ask him and he'll even tell you Schindler gave me no assignments. Secret is coming out what he did (and didn't do) while in New York City.

Being so smart, he should know where the world's shortest escalator is. It is located in Kawasaki, Japan. It's within 'More's department store' located across the street from the JR Kawasaki train station.

Cheers, John. Hey, did you ever finally pay up for that boat? Or did you walk away from that debt and promise too?

Anonymous said...

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