Monday, 22 March 2010

READER SUBMISSION: John L. Thornton, Partner, Goldman Sachs, Ford Board of Directors

Classic executive frames. Those are original DataMasters. They magnify numbers by a factor of 1000.

Is there a photographic equivalent of carbon dating? Can you get an approximate date of capture through spotting minute known imperfections in the lens system? We'd like to know if John walks around like this today.

"I have another for you. The thing is, after looking at him I can't work out if I want to laugh, or just hide behind the sofa and pray for a power-cut, thus rendering my screen inactive. I think it's a combination of the black and white or that astounding hair, or the glasses, or the fact that he looks like a caricature of an actual executive" - Chris.


Anonymous said...

Those glasses don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon:

Graham Mumford said...

I think he's wearing a disguise from the Boys Own be a Secret Executive kit (BBE DEC1986)

Take away the outrageous Executive fright wig, Datamaster glasses, very obviously fake teeth, badly knotted tie and what do you have...?

Sponge Finge said...


GigerPunk said...

Oooh, good researching Anon.
Graham - I think you'd have Dana Carvey/Garth from Waynes World, wouldn't you?.
Just replace the frightwig with a long blonde one, change the glasses and put him in a heavy metal t-shirt/plaid shirt and it's the absolute spit of him.
Or Bill Pullman.

The CEO said...

Cor, 5.2MB TIF action! Lovely find.

Someone, long ago, must've told him that shape of frame suits his face.

Trilby said...

Did we cause Bobby Banyan to become displeased, and subsequently discover that we were not partial to him in such a state?

The CEO said...

After pretending to speak to an "attorney", he changed tack and said he was getting laughed at at work because of it and can I please take it down.

Much as I like to stand tall and to never yield even in the face of overwhelming odds like in the film "300", there's no point needlessly tormenting a man :(

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