Friday, 13 November 2009

Linda L. Bourn, Managing Director of Wealth Advisory Services, Wilmington Trust

Was first in the boardroom when heads were being handed out. Was the first to reply to the company-wide email when heads arrived in reception. Inherited extra heads from the people who were made redundant.

Has got a big head, basically.

Isn't there some sort of rule about people with round heads not having round haircuts? Two rounds makes a MEGA-ROUND. Are there any women here who could confirm the ruling?

The only thing we know about hair is to try and make it go over where there isn't very much so it looks like there's more than there really is.


Prison Hardman said...

Benny Hill reborn.

GigerPunk said...

I think she's actually got a large box* for a head and has tried to play this down with a hairtstyle that rounds it off. But as you point out, it just makes her head look even bigger.

* Feel free to appropriate this phrase for other jokes/insults

Yeti said...

I think she's the result of some loving between David Coulthard and Gordon Ramsay.

Anonymous said...

Watch it now, she is a former manager of mine.

PP said...

a go-getter who likes smoothing anyone with dough to hand it over and put in wall street melting pot. Reaps lots of commission and kickbacks - she can brag that's what I did in my life- gotta bigwig title too. Would have been a good nun.

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