Friday, 28 August 2009

MEET THE TEAM: Leaders Bank, Arizona

They shouldn't have put that one in the middle. The photographer was simply too polite.

"With an average of 23 years of banking experience, the bank officers of Leaders Bank have a dedicated focus on serving private business owners, their families and other entrepreneurs with customized solutions. Shown from left to right: Steve Ritter, SVP and Director of Human Resources; Kathy Hardy, SVP and Chief Credit Officer; Jim Lynch, President and CEO; Elizabeth Snyder, SVP and Chief Compliance Officer; Sara Mikuta, Chief Financial".


GigerPunk said...

They look very proud of the effigy of Wayne Rooneys dad they've constructed out of haslet but, by god, the teeth!
And their teeth!
And the beige!
And the beige teeth!

yoyo said...

This picture confirms my suspicions that parts of American do indeed still think it's the 70's/80's. Well, the redneckier bits do, anyway.

Trilby said...

All of these people are the wrong shape. Do they live near some kind of gravitational anomaly?

Enn said...

They look awfully American an d religious to me. You'd think a benevolent deity would reward their devotion with beauty. These people prove eiter that this aforementioned deity does not exist, ór that he/she/it is fed up with his/her/its fanclub.

Or maybe they're not religious at all, just fanatical inbreeders.

Anonymous said...

Lovely autumnal tones. A happy photo.

Anonymous said...

this picture scares me. these people look evil.

marko said...

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