Tuesday, 29 September 2009

READER SUBMISSION: German, Norwegian and Finnish executives

Reader "Doreen" has decided to do a bit of research into the European executive scene. We are glad to be encouraging people to waste their time like this. Makes us proud.

Dear sir,

As a regular reader of your site and a self-employed person who usually can't be arsed to get dressed before noon, I value the insights provided by the "Sexy Executives" "blog" into the world of high-powered corporate achievers.

Overall, though, the site seems to have a heavy Anglo-American bias. In the interest of reflecting today's globalised, interconnected 24/7 non-stop global business environment on a global scale, I wonder whether it might be possible to include some representatives of a few selected top European enterprises as well? To that end, I am sending you a selection of hi-res specimens below.

From Germany. Somebody should have told Dr. Christoph Seifert that the trick to prevent one's suit jacket bunching up like that is to sit on the 'tail' when being photographed. I hope he knows more about selling wind energy power units.

From Norway's Central Bank. Based on this page I have developed a working hypothesis: the more "ΓΈ"s in a Norwegian executive's name, the stronger the candidate for Sexy Executive status! Good on 'em for implementing Nordic principles of gender equality, too. Not too many Frauen on the Bosch Rexroth board.

From Finland -- Jorma Ollila is the richest man in Finland... you'd think he'd look a bit more cheery about it.

Finally, here's some that are more along the lines of your usual offerings. I do hope you will be able to leverage some 360-degree synergies from these links.

Yours faithfully

...er, you can call me "Doreen".

Thank you, Doreen. You can call me "Ian" and together we can construct elaborate office-based role-playing sexual scenarios.


Anonymous said...

Christine Wallace, NCR corp - surely the female counterpart to Lee Van Cleef? - http://www.ncr.com/about_ncr/company_overview/ncr_leadership/christine_wallace.jsp?lang=EN

Enn said...

Hoy Rodseth has the look of a villain from 'The Saint'.

I imagine him trying to save insurance on his rusty oil rig by secretly hiring terrorists to destroy the damn thing. Roger Moore will uncover his plot, assisted by the female rig inspector, who's apathetic to rugged men but sensitive to Roger's rare gentleman charms. Hoy will lock them both in his overseer chamber, but Roger will find a way out and ultimately push him into an oil barrel. When a cross Hoy, bitterly defeated, worms his way out the barrel, dripping with oil, Roger will be kissing the girl whilst keeping one watchful, though slightly amused eye on the executive who's now too slippery to even stand up.

Great episode I say.

Carr said...

I think Hoy looks like Hitler, before Hitler started dying his hair to cover up the fact he was ginger.

GRK. said...

The twitch in Mr. Steiner's eye just won't go. Why do NPPD need to zip their jaypegs anyway?

Unknown said...

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