Friday, 18 June 2010

James Slattery, Chairman and CEO, Florida PDMP Foundation, Millennium Laboratories

Hair of the Week.

Has the wiry thickness of a wig, but you can see the follicles attached to his head at the front. We'll categorise this one under Hair Mysteries, pending further analysis in a few decades time when science has caught up.


Sponge Finge said...

Pubes on his head. Wouldn't.

Pubics said...

Spot on. That happens to be transplanted pubic hair. It's one of the latest techniques, as it looks more natural, is easier to maintain, and stays put on the scalp.

Pubic hair is indeed sold just for this purpose.
Think it's a joke? Here's a sample foto of clipped pubic hair, maybe not exactly like his on his scalp, but similar.

Not as expensive as you think it is to buy pubic hair, but it's the doctors who make all the money with their fancy adhesives, sewing, and white lab coats.

Anonymous said...

Huh, I didn't know Dustin Hoffman got fat and into business.

yoyo said...

Are you serious? How can you possibly feel like a powerful business fuck doing the big deals and whatnot when you've got pubes on your head? Real actual pubes. Wouldn't it be better to go bald?

It's something to put on my "this world is fucked" list / probable suicide note, anyway.

Pubes said...

I know, it's amazing to me too what people will do. Myself, I would NEVER have pubic hair on my head. Fortuneately, I have a full head of hair, and genetics favor I always will.

Link to baldness website.

The pubic hair is only of the curly type that is culled from the public. And some people have way too much pubic hair and have no problem turning some in. For example, here's a person with too much, but it is not the curly type so not desireable. Hers would not be used.

The key thing is that hair restoration surgeons
like this one use the best hair for the application and desired results.

What difference would it make to some people who need the curly texture whether it is pubic hair or not?

More and more females are now shaving this part of the body, and some are now going to hair surgeon offices to have technicians do it for a professional smooth finish. Those who have the kinky variety have their hair saved by the office for other people's scalp transplants.

Think this is not true? You'd be surprised.

Sammy Wells said...

Pubic hair also has a stronger and more course fiber. This makes it more suitable for patches.

It's older hair - and is treated better than scalp ( bleaches, excessive shampoo and conditioner, sun, dryness, and other elements ). Pubic hair is typically left alone and still cleansed.

So it makes for better hair in transplants and firm tighter weave wigs.

Hope this helps.

ESP said...

Pube hair on the head, that's raw. I mean, how could anybody paste pube hair on their head, and show up for work like nothing happened???

If I shook the guy's hand knowing that, I'd laugh and vomit at the some time. For real.

Anonymous said...

At the some time.

john matrix said...

are we forever doomed to look at ball-head?

Anonymous said...

Nice weave

Reviewer said...

I think the photography work is excellent. Also I like that there does not appear to be touch up work.

Professional - good job.

Anonymous said...

If you ever met this guy,he is a real ass hole and treats everyone like shit,so i guess the pubes fit right in,he's a real dick head

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