Thursday, 22 April 2010

Ted Cole, Vice President of Channel Sales, ADTRAN

Sorry, Ted. We're thinking very bad things about what you look like. Let's just say... we flew to Australia once and a lot of men who looked like you were travelling alone and didn't get back on after the plane stopped off to refuel in Bangkok.

You look like the sort of man who might holiday alone in Bangkok, that's all we're saying. Nothing weird about that, Bangkok's a lovely place by all accounts. If you read anything into that the problem lies within you, not us.


Sponge Finge said...

I'll spoil it and explicitly mention Gary Wilmot!

GigerPunk said...

Don't you wanna be in his gang?

I quite like the suit fabric, though possibly not heavyweight enough for my liking. Summer's approaching though so maybe it's a lightweight summer suit and should let him off.

Anonymous said...

I think he looks like a rather jolly uncle.

If I am ever in the market for a Channel I shall certainly consider buying it from Ted.

AK said...

He's the vice-leader of the gang.

Anonymous said...


Trilby said...

I don't know how you can suspect this guy of anything, I had an uncle who looked just like him who used to be really kind to me, give me sweets all the time and bounce me o

oh god

Rock City said...

On this earth I walk upon,
and ponder when my days are done.
Will I be but a footnote,
or remembered as something other than an old bald crumb.

Each day as I look in the mirror
it seems to be you looking back.

my hair, my looks and where is my 6 pack?

Where did the me I use to be go?
I don't recall how I let this happen I truly just don't know.
Just yesterday I am sure I was but a handsome lad.
But as I look closely at myself today all I see is and old bald lad.

I use to be invincible nothing could get me down.
But these days the slightest cold could put me in the ground.
I can no longer sleep through the night because I have to pee.
And that is just one of a long list of things that bother me.

I fear I have long past seen my better days
and nothing I have tried helps and i have tried all the lasted craze.
I realize I am way past the other side of 50 and have seen many moons cross the sky,
I just can't remember the day I became this old bald guy.

Anonymous said...

Paul Gadd, aka Gary Glitter?

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