Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Bill Whitacre, Chief Executive Officer-elect, The J.R. Simplot Company

CEO-elect. Soon-to-be CEO. Hope you were nice to him while he was on the way up, as he'll soon have the power to make your life a MISERY. He will, for example, have final say on if you're allowed to take a week off work to go on those flights you impulsively booked over the weekend assuming it would probably be OK.

That tanned face will be noticeably paler this time next year as the responsibilities of his new role eat into his leisure time. Two years from now he'll be 30 pounds lighter from stress. Hope it's worth it, Bill.

The full-size image shows he's wearing a "man made" fibre suit. He won't be taken seriously until he uses some of that pay rise to get into something pure wool. There's also a bit of dandruff on the shoulders. The photographer should've noticed and either (a) calmly brushed it off without making a scene, or (b) reduced the file size of the image before sending it out.


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