Monday, 20 December 2010

Mark Keatley, Executive Vice President of Finance & IT, Actavis

This image was tagged "AUG2010" so Mark should still look pretty much the same in real life. Maybe a bit less tanned and with a bushier moustache, perhaps even in different glasses, but within this visual ballpark.

Submitted by "Roy". Thanks. You have a nice eye for it, Roy. We should meet up and hang out inside Canary Wharf one lunchtime with a spotters checklist.


Sponge Finge said...

Too much sharpening. Brain fizzing. HALP

Prison Hardman said...

Udo Kier!

marimo said...

"Smile? I AM smiling! This is as far as my face can go."

(I too am guilty of smiling like that in photos. You hate having your photo taken too, eh Mark? I bet he pulls the same expression whether he's being photographed at the birth of his first born son, his wedding or Sega announcing Shenmue III. Nothing kills the joy of a moment like a photograph).

GigerPunk said...

Prison Hardman: I thought exactly the same.
Is Uwe Boll doing a straight-to-dvd film of SexyExecs?

GigerPunk said...

Oh yeah, forgot to ask, does he iron his shirt collars or perm them?

Trilby said...

This photo almost certainly appears on some kind of register somewhere.

Message said...

Real weird tie, and it is crooked.

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Message said...

it is a weird tie.

And did you notice that the lenses on the glasses are not level - like going downhill?

Anonymous said...

Say my good fellow, have you ever thought of employing collar stays

Anonymous said...

I've actually met this guy, he's actually a pretty great guy, if quirky.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do drive a frog-eyed sprite...

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If you want to change your Netflix billing country, you actually need to close your account and then restart it in your new country.
एस्कॉर्ट सर्विस क्या है, और किस तरह इनका संचालन देश के शहरों में किया जाता है? यह एक एसी व्यवस्था है जिसमें रईस लोग एस्कॉर्ट्स यानि लड़की को लेकर घूमने निकल जाते हैं या थोड़ा समय बिताने के लिए बुला लेते हैं ।
You can try to disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity in Services. Here is how to do that: Step 1: Type services in the Search box to open it.
Click iCloud on SMTP Server section· The Apple iCloud SMTP settings will be filled automatically. Host: Port: 587 Security: TLS
Having problems opening Norton? Let's download the Norton Remove & Reinstall tool to try fixing the issue. If you have Norton Family installed, uninstall it before you download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.

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If there are no updates available or avast is not updating, repair the Avast software. Click the Start menu and then select the Clean my PC Programs and Features option. From the list of options displayed, select the Avast option and then choose Uninstall/change. Click the Change tab on the Uninstall or change a program option.
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