Friday, 3 September 2010

Ferdinando "Nani" Beccalli-Falco, President and CEO, International, GE

"Nani" is what people call him during their final few minutes in the woods behind the storage depot.

"On my desk by 10.30am MEANS on my desk by 10:30am, not a lame email at 10.35am saying it's nearly finished and you've just got to spell-check it and print it out."


Sponge Finge said...

He joined the company in 1966. For the first four years, he was required to offer his hair to the other employees at the office door, giving them somewhere to wipe their feet.

His hair has recovered, but his scalp is full of grit.

yoyo said...

Took me a while to figure out why he looked so familiar but now I've got it. He's clearly The Count from Sesame Street made flesh.

Anonymous said...

@yoyo - absolutely spot on and here is the proof.

Sponge Finge said...

We demand more executives.

Trilby said...

I agree, Nani's stare is beginning to burn a hole through my soul.

JohnnyTruant said...

I'm bored, I'm just going for the full house of comments on Zorg related sites (the serious ones anyway) before giving in and having a 'freelancer's lie down'.

And I'm not even a freelancer.

xdiesp said...

Scoop! It's probably "Nanni", an actual diminutive for Ferdinando (like Nanni Moretti). "Nani" means "dwarves", which would be an embarassing nickname.

Vamp dentistry said...

Note the pronounced single vampire tooth on left side.

ton said...


Rock City said...

I was working in the lab,
Late one night,
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight,
For my monster from his slab began to rise,
And suddenly to my surprise..

(He did the mash) He did the monster mash,
(The monster mash) It was a graveyard smash,
(He did the mash) It caught on in a flash,
(He did the mash) He did the monster mash,

(wa-oo) From my labratory in the castle East,
(wa-oo) To the master bedroom where the vampires feast,
(wa, wa-oo) The ghouls all came from their humble abodes,
(wa-oo) To get a jolt, from my electrobes.

(they did the mash) They did the monster mash,
It was a graveyard smash,
It caught on in a flash,
They did the monster mash,

The zombies were having fun,
The party had just begun,
The guests included wolfman,
Dracula and his son

The scene was rocking, oh we're digging the sounds,
Eagor on chains backed by asbaying hounds,
The coffin bangers were about to arrive,
With their vocal group, the crypt kicker five

They played the monster mash,
It was a graveyard smash,
It caught on in a flash,
(they played the mash) They played the monster mash

(wa-oo) Out from his coffin Drac's voice did ring,
(wa-oo) seems he was troubled by just one thing,
(wa, wa-oo) Open the lid, and shook his fist and said
(wa-oo) 'Whatever happened to my Transylvanian Twist?'

Its now the monster mash,
And its a graveyard smash,
It's caught on in a flash,
Its now the monster mash.

(wa-oo) Now everything's cool, Drac's a part of the band,
(wa-oo) And my monster mash is the hit of the land,
(wa, wa-oo) For you the living, this mash was meant too,
(wa-oo) When you get to my door, tell them Borris sent you.

(Then you can mash) Then you can monster mash,
(the monster mash) and do my graveyard smash,
(then you can mash) You'll catch on in a flash,
(then you can mash) Then you can monster mash.

Rock City said...

The tooth is the giveway, - Drac or maybe he's his son Wolfman. Igor unchained.

By the way, if you want to hear his voice, listen in ...

(wa-oo) Out from his coffin Drac's voice did ring,
(wa-oo) seems he was troubled by just one thing,
(wa, wa-oo) Open the lid, and shook his fist and said
(wa-oo) 'Whatever happened to my Transylvanian Twist?'

Its now the monster mash,
And its a graveyard smash,
It's caught on in a flash,
Its now the monster mash.

Unknown said...

Need some new executives to look at, please. Nani's entered my dreams.

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zen said...

Choked on it's own Spamspew....

WV: iknackin

Anonymous said...

I would like the tooth to be taken care of. It is obvious and takes away from his boyish charm.

Ghostbuster said...

I call a Harold Ramis look alike

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