Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Jim Smits, Group Vice President, Perishables

Poor Jim has been on the waiting list for a new liver since 2005. He's not being treated as a priority, because the routine tests keep showing he's lapsed back into ABSINTHE ABUSE.

NOTE TO PHOTOGRAPHERS: Always book executive shoots for the morning. This is what you get when you pluck them out of the pub at 3.45pm after a boozy lunch.


GigerPunk said...

His upper lip's just crying out for a quirky handlebar moustache.
And maybe a monocle would be a good thing too.

Suit's ok but need a hankie in his pocket there to add a splash of colour.

Prison Hardman said...

Boy, is he in for a stroke or what?


yoyo said...

Check out his Glasgow smile!

Perishables is a tough division to run. Brutal even. And he's obviously a survivor. The Prez better watch his back with a hard as fuck vice like that on his tail.

Yeti said...

He has a smile for everyone, call him John Shits though and he'll cut ya.

cripesonfriday said...

His mouth is perfectly adapted for holding a blade for hours at a time, waiting for the moment to sneak out of the supply cupboard and MAKE YOU PERISH!

Mark said...

Love that Joker!

marko said...

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