Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Michael J. Falbo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, TierOne Corporation

We are very tempted to turn this one upside-down.

Very tempted indeed. Although that would involve firing up Photoshop and spending at least half an hour recreating a very, very old joke.

Initially, we settled for making the head bigger and flipping it along the vertical axis.

And seeing as we'd gone and cut it out, it's then a relatively short additional procedure to completely flip the head along the horizontal axis. But it doesn't really work, visually. We're now going to have to spend another half an hour putting his mouth down on his forehead.

This isn't turning out funny at all. We thought putting bald men's heads on upside-down was a tried and tested joke?


Prison Hardman said...

Is that dandruff on his bald head?

Graham Mumford said...

My immediate response to Michael was a sharp intake of breath.

Still analysing that response....

Anonymous said...

Zorg you should be writing for The Simpsons (take that as a compliment, it's still a brilliant show) or some other TV show. I've been reading your stuff since about 2003 and you're easily the most consistently funny guy on the internet, you're wasting your talent on these blogs.

The CEO said...

Can I put you down as a reference on my CV?

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