Wednesday, 17 February 2010

James E. Felter, Senior Vice President, Defense Sector, STG

Ran over his son's dog reversing out of his house this morning, and then there was an enormous queue in Costa Coffee, and then his PC wouldn't boot up, and then when it did boot up there was an email - a bloody EMAIL! - from his wife confessing to having had an affair with his brother since 1997 (on and off).

Then he got the call about having to go to Meeting Room 5 for the bloody photoshoot. As is he hasn't got enough to bloody do bloody today already.

This image came as a 2896 x 1944 file that weighed in at 2.8MB. No offence, STG Defense Sector, but we doubt anyone in the world is going to use this fine image of your mighty boss without significantly scaling it down.


Titus said...

And no comment about the hairdo?
Come on.

GigerPunk said...

Button-down collar and a too-small tie knot.
He knows it too, hence the expression.

Prison Hardman said...

+ Union Jack tie
- Worst hair since Donald Trump

pingus said...

He seems a tad defensive.

A Lady said...

I certainly wouldn't put up any defense if James offered me a go on his orbital weapons platform ;-)

Anonymous said...

He must work in the stealth sector: his eye whites are flesh-toned to make shape recognition that much harder.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he was just told about the executive bonus pool.

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