Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Jeffrey J. Allison, Executive Vice President and Senior General Merchandise Manager, JCPenney

Too much grey. There's hardly any colour information in this image at all - you could convert this one to a GIF and it'd look about the same.

You could photocopy this picture and it'd look about the same. You could fax it and his grey appearance, blotchy suit and jagged hairline would be perfectly reproduced.

Say what you like about Jeffrey J. Allison - he's a cheap one to print out photos of. If you're always having to print out photos of your executives, think how much you'd save in the long-term from hiring Jeff.


spiralphoria said...

Did the photographer shoot him looking into the back of a spoon?

Rock City said...


A man named Jeffrey walks among
the flowers
to my doorway
where he knocks
then stands still
brilliant in a clean white shirt

He lifts a soft fist
to that door
and knocks again

He’s come to say this
was or that
and what’s
anyone of us to do
about what’s done
what’s past
but prickling salt to sting
our eyes

What’s anyone of us to do
about what’s done

And 7-month-old Bingo
puppy leaps
and hits
that clean white shirt
with muddy paw
prints here
and here and there

And what’s anyone of us to do
about what’s done
I say I’ll wash the shirt
no problem
two times through
the delicate blue cycle
of an old machine
the shirt spins in the soapy
suds and spins in rinse
and spins
and spins out dry

not clean

still marked by accidents
by energy of whatever serious or trifling cause
the shirt stays dirty
from that puppy’s paws

I take that fine white shirt
from JC Penney
the threads as soft as baby
fingers weaving them
and I wash that shirt
between the knuckles of my own
two hands
I scrub and rub that shirt
to take the dirty

At the pocket
and around the shoulder seam
and on both sleeves
the dirt the paw
prints tantalize my soap
my water my sweat
invested in the restoration
of a clean white shirt

And on the eleventh try
I see no more
no anything unfortunate
no dirt

I hold the limp fine
between the faucet stream
of water as transparent
as a wish the moon stayed out
all day

How small it has become!
That clean white shirt!
How delicate!
How slight!
How like a soft fist knocking on my door!
And now I hang the shirt
to dry
as slowly as it needs
the air
to work its way
with everything

It’s clean.
A clean white shirt
nobody wanted to spoil
or soil
that shirt
much cleaner now but also
not the same
as the first before that shirt
got hit got hurt
not perfect
just beautiful

a clean white shirt

It’s hard to keep a clean shirt clean.

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