Wednesday, 3 February 2010

DOUBLE FEATURE: Mike Purchia, Managing Director, Northeast, and Courtney Grover, Division Manager, Northeast, LEVEL5

We couldn't choose between this sensational pair from LEVEL5, so we've gone and uploaded them both. We're not going to make a habit of doing this, as we find there's only so much businessman it's possible to take on a daily basis.

And this is possibly too much businessman. This one's Courtney. Courtney must've been a more acceptable name for a boy in 1949. And here's the Mike.

We'd sign the deal with Courtney, then go out to celebrate with Mike. Mike has the look of a man who knows how to organise a good night out, and is always the last man to stop drinking. How could you say "no" when that puppy dog face shoves another triple into your hand?


GigerPunk said...

Ooh, they're a cheeky looking pair aren't they?
Wouldn't be surprised if they got their todgers out, just out of shot, or are playing pocket billiards at the very least...

No Name said...

Top: town planner.
Bottom: his cheeky bit on the side.

marko said...

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Justin said...

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