Thursday, 18 February 2010

Jerry T. Kendall, Senior Vice President of Sales and Service for USS Corporation

Like this one. He looks like Robert Patrick in around the year 2035, playing the T-8000 in Terminator VI.

He can morph his finger into a letter opener, but not a stapler as that's got moving parts.

There's also a bit of the Stan Laurel about him, although Stan would recoil in horror and bewilderment at the very notion of a collar with buttons on it.


Sponge Finge said...

What's the problem with button down collars? Surely they stop people stealing your tie.

Graham Mumford said...

Is he or isn't he?

Is it natural or is it Silvikrin?

Either that or Nigel from accounts has a very cold head this morning..

Dick Socratestes said...

David Lynch. Hence the button down collar to keep his collarbone nice and warm.

yoyo said...

Yeah, lay off the button down collars! I've got at least two casual shirts with button down collars. I didn't think there was anything wrong with them but now you've given me a complex.

Prison Hardman said...

Button-downs are for poofs, obviously, and the bloke looks like a blend of David Lynch AND Stan Laurel, which, I'm sure, at least David Lynch would fancy.

Dick Socrates said...

I'm wearing a shirt with a button down collar right now. Primark, £3 clearance rack. Lovingly hand crafted by child slaves in an Indian sweatshop.

Actually, I feel bad about it now . . . but £3 is one heck of a deal. I'll admit, I'm torn.

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