Wednesday, 14 October 2009

BRITISH EXECUTIVE: Graham Cooper, Managing Director, ONEPOST

Has seen it all. He was an innocent trainee during the strikes of the late 70s. He was junior management when the 1987 stock market crash hit. He survived the dotcom boom and bust. He watched the gradual rise of women in the workplace to a point where everyone now has to pretend they're equal to men.

The events of the last 35 years are etched all over his brave, tired body, telling us tales of his battles.

If he could do it all again, the only thing he'd do differently is eat a bit more fruit in his 30s and 40s to stop his skin turning yellow. And he maybe should've taken up the wife's offer of using the receipt to return that tie.


Sponge Finge said...

I don't know... the tie's the best bit of that photo. I could stare at it for weeks, if it meant I didn't have to look at what surrounds it.

Looks like a teacher. Would/wouldn't ratio: 0:1

Anonymous said...

He looks like a potato!

Anonymous said...

Separated at birth - it's Scotland's finest actor specialising in 'grumpy, alcoholic, senior police officers', Ken Stott -

Anonymous said...

some of these comments are soooooo funny! :)

to me it's like everything is dead and rotting like a bad burp, except the tie.

that tie just pops amongst the misery.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he ever gets lucky ?

Woody working? Bets?

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