Tuesday, 27 October 2009

APPEAL: High resolution photo of Mehmet Usta URGENTLY REQUIRED

Reader "Kamil" sent in a whole host of Turkish executive links, including the very fetching pryamid arrangement of Dogan and this lovely collection of staff members of Sabanci (woman alert), Eczacıbaşı and Borusan. Hopefully all of the alternate letter symbols work on your browsers.

This is the one we like best. We'll have one of these, please, Father Christmas.

This is Memhet from Calik Holding. Mehmet is imagining his desk rotating around to reveal a hidden room containing a scale model of America which he will shortly DESTROY ALL OF.


Grill said...

Mr Yilidirim's smile is the best. It's a bit like the Mona Lisa's in reverse - the closer you get, the less it looks like a smile, or indeed, a face.

Gunstick Uncle said...


zeptimius said...

One white cat short of a Bond villain.

GigerPunk said...

I've never seen a smile quite like Mr Yildirim's before, except in childrens drawings. Fortunately, he doesn't count as it quite plainly states in the pyramid that he's "Non-Executive"

As for Sabanci, Erol Sabanci looks like he's doing a very camp "oooh-get you!" look.

Can Paker must be some form of spoonerism. Nice texture though, for some reason.

Ahmet Dorduncu looks like he's unexpectedly having his prostate examined by a doctor using an emery board.
Faruk Bilen looks like he's watching and trying to work out why.

If Mehmet Gocmen isn't Dr Robert Winston in disguise then he should at least be rewarded for his moustache.

Turgut Uzer has something he'd like to show you.
He showed it to Haluk Dincer once and he's looked that way ever since.

Engin Tuncay is Russell T Davies and I claim my five pounds.

Selahattin Hakman brings us full circle back to camp (and most probably pierced) again.

As for Borusan - Could no-one find Rustu Saracoglu a suit that fitted?

And Zeynep Hamedi and Nukhet Ozmen look like the epitome of the Low-Resolution Fox. Flick between them and you'll see - you just need a closeup of Bella Emberg and a picture of a distant Christina Ricci to complete the set.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness the linked photos with the pyramid arrangement are pretty good.

GigerPunk said...

Only it's not really a pyramid, is it?
I've not been to Egypt but I've been to Mexico and none of the ones I saw there tapered in at the bottom.
Hanzade Doğan Boyner looks like a 'would' tho, so bonus points for that. Points immediately docked however as her profile won't load.

Ben said...

Is it just me, or is there something unnervingly masculine about Serra Sabanci's jawline?

GigerPunk said...

Indeed. She's not that bloke from Bo Selecta is she?

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