Monday, 14 September 2009

SPECIAL REPORT: FiberLight, leaders in Dark Fiber

Behold, the sensational executive team behind FiberLight, a company so forward-thinking it supplies high-resolution images on its staff page.

This is Ronald Kormos, the company's Chief Development Officer and Executive Vice President of Operations and Engineering. He looks remarkably happy for a man who has to type "Chief Development Officer and Executive Vice President of Operations and Engineering" quite often.

Michael P. Miller, humble enough to still let his wife cut his hair.

Kevin B. Coyne. This is where things start to go a bit wrong.

Judd Carothers. Apparently the "Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing" despite looking like the new IT guy.

Benjamin Edmond. Could've borrowed a tie if he hasn't got one of his own. And it's too warm for a vest.


Gunstick Uncle said...

In 5 years Kevin will look like Andre the Giant. Or like Leo G. Carroll in Tarantula.

Grk! said...

Kevin looks a bit young considering he made 'Marjory Razorblade' in 1973 & he's now dead.

WV: ozoodog - blind furryfreak hippy musician, maybe.

yoyo said...

I like the way Kevin's face looks like it's about to explode like in a body horror film.

Sponge Finge said...

The problem with growing a beard is that, whoever you are, there's always a bit of ginger in it.

Anonymous said...

This is a great group of guys. Just to clarify: Judd Carothers is the Vice President of Operations ("IT Man"). Benjamin Edmond (the gentleman without the tie) is the Executive Vice Pre President of Sales and Marketing.

Kenneth Vastcock said...

Ron's hair can stop a nuke

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