Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Dieter Gaubatz, VP Biometric Research, Munich American Reassurance Company

A slightly odd head during the creation of which Mother Nature left the forehead tap running for a bit too long, but in these days of ever-declining standards we're glad to get one who's not wearing a proper shirt with a proper collar.

The tie is modern enough to have been purchased in the last decade. Well done, Dieter. Your certificate is in the post.


yoyo said...

He's like a reverse Bert Quintana - too much head, not enough face.

The CEO said...

If only someone could be bothered to Photoshop Bert's hair onto Dieter's head.

Enn said...

It's probably easier to photoshop a slice of Dieter's forehead into Bert's.

I, for one, am not bothered to attempt either.

The CEO said...

I would try it, but I don't want to have to zoom in 300% on Bert.

Viagra Online said...

I think the tie is nice, besides he is rich so he can wear all that he wants, probably that tie was gift from some former president...lol.

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