Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Barry Judge, Enterprise Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Best Buy Co., Inc.

Barry looks the sort who'd take a sick day every time work clashes with a major sporting event. Football, rugby, cricket, tennis - we'd say he's into pretty much everything except golf.

"Wahey, Judgey! Friday night, mate! You getting them in, then? COME ON! Let's HAVE IT! RAAAGGGGHHHHHHHH! Let's play puking on the tramp! PUKE ON THE TRAMP! PUKE ON THE TRAMP! PUKE ON THE TRAMP! PUKE ON THE TRAMP! PUKE ON THE TRAMP! COME OOOONNNNNNN!"


GigerPunk said...

Big rugby fan going by the thick-set brow, slightly-too-close eyes, fat jawline, wonky ears and hair like a toilet brush.
Although, having said that, his nose is only slightly broken, not mashed across his entire face so maybe just a part-time fan after all.

moth said...

"Puke on the Tramp" is broadcast every Thursday on British Eurosport. I expect Barry is in a local five-a-side team.

Trilby said...

Barry Judge is standing behind you RIGHT NOW.

Anonymous said...


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