Thursday, 3 September 2009

BRITISH EXECUTIVE: Jeff Smith, Chairman and CEO, Teleperformance UK

£20 says he's got the most Northern accent you've ever heard.

"Bye 'eck, I swear these fax machines are getting more complicated by t'year".


GigerPunk said...

Button down collar = wouldn't.
Sorry, possibly wrong site.

He looks like he's quite proudly fed his todger into the fax machine, dialled Karen in the accounts teams fax machine and has just pressed 'Send'.
He's quite the office joker.

D'you think you could get hold of Deanna (Belkin) Johnstons fax number?

Moiug said...

And the "Poésie" tie !! Have you seen the "Poésie" tie ?!? Do you think he does poetry readings (with the heavy Northern accent) ?

Viagra Online said...

He has a funny expression, I think we can't ignore his style. Actually, most of the people are hiding the facial expressions, but this guy is someone real, who cares if you get wrinkles?

pharmacy said...

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