Wednesday, 10 March 2010

TRIPLE TEAM: Travis Doster, Director of Public Relations, Texas Roadhouse, Ed Sabatka, Chef and Owner, Uncle Ed's Steakhouse James LoCascio, Executive Chef, Barclay Prime

We've got another TRIPLE TEAM! And this one's a corker. This one features sweaty brows and Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

Three men who work in the meat industry. They all won awards for something or other, to do with meat. There was a press release, but it was a bit long and about the American meat industry. We won't reproduce it.

Here's a closely-cropped shot of the man in the middle, to save you having to stammer about asking for it.


GigerPunk said...

Travis - Button-down collar, no tie.

Ed - Button-down collar, partially buttoned leather jacket. (And I'm thinking he's more like a cheerful Mr Bronson than Peter Griffin)

James - No collar at all, let alone tie. And surely no-one with their name embroidered on their top can be described as 'executive'?

These are executives? For shame.

Graham Mumford said...

And they let these people near meat?
That people are going to eat?
saying no more, thinking too much...

Anonymous said...

Stick him in the meat grinder - you could probably feed some shanty town for a week just with the double chin alone...

Johah Blechman said...

hey - cut some slack , double chins have their good virtues.

Here's another looker.

Anonymous said...

It's called an 'executive chef' they all have their names embroidered on their coats.

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