Monday, 29 March 2010

Corporate Executive Lifestyle Photography - on location Scottsdale Arizona

WOW. This is Rob, Chief Operating Officer of Walton International. We're getting a bit of Joaquin Phoenix coming through on channel three, from the heady days before his mental breakdown. Or was that just a joke in the end?

Christmas Santa Poser Photo - University of Phoenix Stadium

Adam Nollmeyer, ACME Photography Phoenix

Due to a copyright complaint by photographer Adam Nollmeyer, we have replaced the photograph of Rob with a photo of Adam. It isn't as good, for many reasons, but fills a gap in the layout.

Due to another copyright complaint by Adam Nollmeyer of ACME Photography, we've replaced the photo of Adam Nollmeyer with two alternative photos of Adam Nollmeyer, the latter of which shows him before he gave up and started shaving it all off.


Sponge Finge said...

Would like to see his chin after it's baked.

Trilby said...

He stands there all day, guarding the building from rival executives. The hand in his pocket helps pass the time.

Graham Mumford said...


ThreeOliveMartini said...

Swoon. Would (re-enact scenes from Secretary with him). That's surely a man who knows how to spank.

AcmePhoto said...

Please remove this photo from your blog as it is not authorized and you have not payed the invoice I sent you for your improper use.

This photo is copyrighted by me and you do not have permission to use it.


yoyo said...

Relax, man. Free publicity, isn't it?

When I'm a high powered big dick business fuck and I need photos doing, I know I'll be on the phone to Acme Photography.

I mean, the lighting you're getting there is top notch.

The CEO said...

The "free publicity" argument doesn't work with Flickr photographers. They're INSANE. As evidenced by the FOUR separate invoices for $500 Adam Nollmeyer from ACME Photography has sent me for using this photograph :(

Careful, Adam. You'll ruin your carefully cultivated SEO search results for photography business Arizona!

Carr said...

I'd pay $500 for an 8' x 6' glossy print of this lovely man:

Adam said...


"Free publicity" does not put a roof over my head and your blog would not exist without you stealing photos from other people. You are using my photo to build traffic for you.

I don't see how I google being related to you using my photo.

~Adam Nollmeyer

The CEO said...

Oh Adam, and you look like such a cheery, wacky chappie in that photo with the axe.

johnnytruant said...

was it Shadwell from Absolutely that was the DIY fool with all the funny bandages? Adam reminded me of him.

GigerPunk said...

That was Denzil (and his wife Gwynedd), Siadwell was from Naked Video.
Same bloke though, John Sparkes
Favourites being:
Denzil - "What in Swansea are going on here, I only mended that sofa this morning and here you are sitting on it”

Gwynedd - Denzil, why do 'oovers suck?
Denzil - Sigh. Because it haven't got any teeth Gwynedd.

johnnytruant said...

thanks for putting me straight Giger - Denzil was ace. Siadwell did poetry didn't he, or at least told stories a bit like Ronnie Corbett did. "Siadwell 'ere" being the only thing I can remember he said, every week.

GigerPunk said...

This is probably now against the law due to the Digital Economy Bill but what the hell, here you go

Accidental Rapist said...

WTF Adam?

Does Walton International know you're trying to profit from selling on photos of its staff and threatening bloggers?

Are times really so tough in the Arizona photography business? At least it's summer soon so you might get a few lucrative wedding jobs to help fix that roof of yours.

And who owns the copyright on photos you were hired to take? My money's on the company that hired you as they'd have paid you to acquire the images and rights to reproduce them, yes?

johnnytruant said...

thanks Giger. Siadwell reminds me of a looser, more jovial, Frankie Boyle.

Adam said...

Accidental R,

Your name is repulsive. I maintain and own the copyright. If you cared to know, I license my photos to clients. I own the image and liscense the image. I've never sold the rights to my images, though at times I have licensed them to clients for unlimited mediums for a "long time" of course for more money than a one time use.

Walton Int. int does not appreciate bloggers turning their leaders into sex objects.


A Hilarious Joker Type said...

I wonder if Walton International appreciates photographers who can't spell?

Hoopy said...

Have we lost another war?

GigerPunk said...

I'd go with the thinking "Just a battle, not the war."

I'm still rather tickled by this comment from Adam:
"I don't see how I google being related to you using my photo"
Obviously, not realising that if you Google "Acme Photo Walton International", this page is the second hit, so it's highly likely more people will see him as the litiginous person he appears to be, rather than the carefully cultivated 'wacky' appearance he has on his own site...
I like the fact he's happy to give his pictures to facebook for free - "you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook"

The CEO said...

Someone must've complained to Google. I didn't even get cc-ed in on that one.

I'm just glad to have got so many people so annoyed, and wasted so much of one man's time. All that frustration must've taken a good five years off Adam's life.

Accidental "R" said...

Can you use one of Commandant Nollmeyer's podgy wife next? She's on Facebook. I don't think Adam has ever dealt with a crowd like us before.

#1VandDammeFan said...

So on one hand "Walton Int. int does not appreciate bloggers turning their leaders into sex objects" but if you had paid the $500 invoice then suddenly they would appreciate it? Something tells me Walton doesn't really give a fuck.

Trilby said...

I'd be more than happy to be anyone's sex object for $500.

You can post the pictures on your blog afterwards too.

The CEO said...

Adam is still filing copyright claims while simultaneously sending me reminders to pay him $500.

And to think his Facebook page says he believes in Jesus :(

Radamovan Noyovicz said...

What a "douche" as I believe they say overseas.

Adam, why is there a massive "BLOG THIS" button on top of your Flickr photos if you don't want people to BLOG THEM?

It's like holding up a sign saying "KICK ME" then doing people for assault after.

Anonymous said...

$500 invoices - what a turd!

It was a poor quality photo as well. As I recall, he had his client standing in front of some boring edifice they call an office building.

And he calls himself a professional photographer?


Dear me.

Anonymous said...

The original photo is all over the web. Above is a link.

I think it's amusing that this camera bloke Adam Nollmeyer joined Starving Designer !

**** LOSER ****, LOL.

What do you think 'bout those sunny shades and nifty bonnet he wears ? Link below - middle of page ....


Anonymous said...


I did some searching on other than google too, and there are lots of photos out there.

Check this out - click on link below

I mean really, - on this website he is so proud of it that it's open for distribution. It's pretty obvious to me this Adam Nollmeyer bloke just had a mad on, and decided to send you a false invoice - which by the way is highly illegal. !!!

Takes all kinds in this world.

Hopefully for his sake, he'll just catch his breath and just get over it.

Get a life and chill out.

Anonymous said...

Here's another link to the original photo.

Anonymous said...

More search results:

I mean obviously, it's just a photo that was probably used in some press release and broadcast all over the web to everywhere and their grandmother - it's just amazing that it's still in people's cache on their computers.

My guess is that is what used in one of those email jokes that goes to everyone that is forwarded .

anyway, cheers :)

Anonymous said...

look at Adam Nollmeyer's own blog with photos.

He says " I make photos that don't suck."

Yea, right - take a look at the photo he title's Boy drinks coffee.

to me - THAT SUCKS!

What do you think?

Here's the link to his blog page:

the nerve of the guy to send an invoice for $500 . Besides being illegal to send a bogus invoice interstate and to another country....

Dear me & OMG

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