Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Thomas Whitenight, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Insurance Services

This is great rarity for the collection - a man whose teeth aren't quite big enough to fill his entire mouth hole. He needs to scale his smile down accordingly - you can see all the way back to his tonsils.

It's unsettling being able to see all the way down a man's gum line. Dentists go through training on how to cope, but we're thoroughly unprepared.

Tie looks a bit 'art deco' and the photographer's messed up with the lighting. We had to open the shot up in Photoshop to enhance the photo in order to estimate the jacket's fabric constituency (70% wool, 30% reclaimed carpet tiles).


Graham Mumford said...

Think I went to school with him, of course his name was Kevin then..

Still addicted to the carpet tiles I see...

xxnapoleonsolo said...

He smiles like the Joker

jerry lopiz said...

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