Monday, 15 March 2010


Graham has updated his image. The last time we featured him he was DOUR and DARK like a BUSINESS MISERY TYPHOON, but now he's been told what to wear by a lady in human resources and has emerged positively beaming, refreshed and invigorated and ready to lead ONEPOST to new commercial heights.

He has even been talked into wearing a yellow tie, because yellow isn't considered to be even the slightest bit gay nowadays.

His hair's gone grey - that's the stress of a recession year for you. The only thing we know about wearing suits is that you NEVER do up the bottom button. Because, well, it makes the top go out of alignment, like Graham's has there.


Graham Mumford said...

I like Dour sardonic Graham better.
Is it because of the recession he can no longer afford Just For Men?
And there's no excuse for the jacket button, her from HR should have a negative comment on her annual report for that..

phorenzik said...

Barry Humphries?

Johah Blechman said...

strategic photostudio techniques employed such as the clever use of the lopsided grin ....

Anonymous said...

lopsided grin and manic button - gets your attention everytime - those photo pros know how to entice us.

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