Wednesday, 30 December 2009

John Thuestad, Vice President, Alcoa

John's right shoulder is suspiciously raised, hinting that he's taking this photo himself by performing an "executive reacharound".

There's a lot to work with here. A bit of gel, some contact lenses, a more modern shirt, suit & tie... it's not too late to start hanging around with the cool guys, John. You could still penetrate the "pub lunch" crowd.


Sponge Finge said...

Would have to lose the parting and undo the top button. Then he might possibly gain the following privileges:

1. Noticing half way through what remains of the afternoon that his flies have been undone since lunch.
2. Being slightly worried that the dirty joke he told was either not very funny (hence the lack of laughter) or inappropriate (hence the lack of laughter).
3. Having learned what some people in the office really think about some other people in the office.

These privileges are not to be sniffed at.

Tealady CyberRazorMike said...

"Executive Reacharound"?? My New Fiscal Quarter resolution is to use this combination of words whenever the opportunity rises.

Hilarity may or may not ensue

yoyo said...

That's one seriously serious face. I feel like he's about to give me some very bad news...

"What's that John? The doctor called, did he? Says I've got anus cancer?


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