Wednesday, 16 December 2009

DOUBLE TEAM: Ugo Cosentino, Vice President Operational Business Strategy (left) and Albert Bourla, President, Pfizer Animal Health, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific

The friendly faces of Pfizer's drive to convince Americans they need to buy medicine for their pets. Yes, MEDICINE FOR THEIR PETS.

The one on the left has been snorting ground-up dog worming tablets all morning. They de-worm dogs, and make humans feel INVINCIBLE and very funny.


Gonuts McDie said...

...And the guy on the right is currently having a dog lick medicine off his balls.

Doreen said...

The one on the left looks like Arthur Smith's healthier brother... not the one who used to be editor of the British Medical Journal, though:

Yeti said...

Hey, my name's Ugo and this is Albert, he's not dead, he's very much alive. I've not glued his hand to my shoulder and i'm not holding him up with my left arm. You know that film Weekend at Bernie's? well this is nothing like that.

Look he's smiling, dead people don't smile, keep smiling albert, say cheese, we're both smiling 'cos we're happy to be alive, not dead.

Anonymous said...

Having just agreed to a wife swap for the night, they're all smiles, their pockets stuffed with the latest blue jumbo sized Pfizer laboratory test capsules of the new and improved 3 hour Viagra male enhancer , promising at least a foot long boner for the entire duration of their soon to come exploits.

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