Friday, 17 July 2009

Mark D. Quinlan, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Associated Banc-Corp

This is what we want to see. He wears the scars of business! Hair missing from being torn out in frustration. Unshaven face because time is money and time spent shaving is YOUR MONEY disappearing down the plug hole in one big swirl of ginger and grey.

Puffy eyes from the days fuelled by caffeine and nights of expense account excess*.

And the sort of suit you can put in the washing machine because dry cleaning unnecessarily impacts on the family finances bottom line. Mark, you are the brave Commander in Chief of the business army. We salute you, and we believe the "saluting" emoticon looks something like a bit this:


*He didn't want to be out until 4.45am last night popping dollar bills into g-strings, but when the regional coordinator is in town you've got to show him a good time.


AK said...

Another button-down collar. Surely this warrants a new blog tag?

john matrix said...

i love sexy execs.
It's become more interesting than UK:R and extra last combined.
sorry zorg, u still rule

The CEO said...

I understand. This is my favourite niche at the moment, too. Especially the Twitter 'brand extension'.

yoyo said...

There's got to be a better salute emoticon than that. That looks like something Nick Griffin might use in his emails.

Anonymous said...

He hit the Tanning Bed the day before. You can see where the little goggles shaded his eyes...too small to be from sunglasses. I pic came out the same way.

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