Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Ken Lewis, CEO, Bank of America

Bitterness-tainted guest update provided the 'The VP':

Ken can barely raise a smile. He is trying, yet still the corners point DOWN. Observe the dead eyes. Look at that mouth! It's existed for over five decades solely to deliver orders to minions detailing how best to steal $35 per minor account infraction from unfortunate Bank of America customers.

Although we don't quite know when this image was taken, it's safe to assume it was just before Ken decided that it was 'probably going to be okay' to let people apply for mortgages without checking their income. Or credit ratings.

Sorry Ken, but even if you steal $35 every day from everyone in America, it's going to take you a few years to dig you out of the greedhole you plunged your bank, its shareholders and the entire global economy into!


john matrix said...

Thats a JR smile right there.

Grill said...

Is the CEO thinking of going into politics? Railing against fat cat bankers, rebelliously sneaking into work at weekends... will we be seeing the CEO on the picket lines at the Govan shipyard next week?

Anonymous said...

looks like a Kennedy

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