Friday, 10 July 2009

EXECUTIVE NEWS FLASH! Steve Keifer associates supply chain economics with Michael Jackson's death

Prepare yourself to be BLOWN AWAY by the staggering business sense of Steve Keifer, who has turned a potentially dull essay about supply chain systems into an SEO-optimised, keyword-packed piece of pure genius.

Found by "Stephen" who notes:
"As millions of misguided souls around the world contemplated suicide (or a moderate degree of self-harm) at the death of an emaciated man-child off his face on prescription drugs and specialist literature, only Steve Keifer was thinking, 'Fuck me, this is going to be a logistical nightmare!' Keep on blogging!"

We have saved screen captures of the entry in question, as we'd imagine someone's going to take it a bit too seriously and ask he takes it down out of respect.

"Of course, what intrigues me about these types of celebrity life events are the supply chain challenges."

KEYWORD REVIEW: Apple [X], iTunes [X], Amazon [X], Michael Jackson [X], Elvis [X], Moonwalk [X] - this expertly crafted page is going straight to #1 on the Google rankings.

Steve has even written a supply chain parody version of the lyrics to Thriller:
It's close to midnight and all the stores are getting pretty dark
Under the moonlight, you get the POS file transfer ready to start
You try to stream, but the file's so large it starts to choke your router
Screen starts to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes
File's paralyzed

‘Cause this the thriller, thriller night
And no one's going to save you from potential out-of-stocks.

We doubt there'll be a finer executive blog post on the internet this year.

Steve, if you ever want a coffee or a tea making and bringing over, just ask. We may be on the other side of the Atlantic, but we'll make it happen somehow. You have earned it.


Anonymous said...

this is it man, the best post this site will have.

you can only go down from here..

The CEO said...

I dunno, you should see some of the photos I've got lined up for the beard-based 'Bears in Swimwear Summer Special'.

marko said...

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