Monday, 15 June 2009

Ron Sabia, President of Gulf Oil

Barbecue at Ron's this weekend. Don't worry about bringing any meat of your own, Ron's chest freezer is packed. He has all the kinds of sausages. Literally every type of sausage known to man.

Beef, pork, pork and beef, venison, pork & leek, pork & apple, pork & Korean dog sausage - everything. He also has the aura of a man who owns a semi-industrial rotisserie capable of roasting three birds at once, if you're a lady and therefore require white meat.

Such a lovely, warm, welcoming face. He looks like such a nice man. A lovely man. A nice, lovely man. But, as ever, we can't help being MEAN and wondering how far out that suit continues to go over the edge of the photo.

About that far, we believe, based on extrapolating the visible curves. Those oil dollars are getting reinvested in corporate hospitality BIG TIME.


Sponge Finge said...

Big hand. Probably a man.

Fatty Bom Batty said...

Oil is the blood of the Earth. This man is a murdererer. Nice clown tie though.

Anonymous said...

that made me laugh so much

Slim Suits said...

He is so fat,,anyways thanks for this post.

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